Timeline JS – as a result of a unanticipated mistake in Bing’s spreadsheet access solution on 29 April 2019, numerous timelines stopped working. As of this time, we think the problems have now been solved.

Timeline JS – as a result of a unanticipated mistake in Bing’s spreadsheet access solution on 29 April 2019, numerous timelines stopped working. As of this time, we think the problems have now been solved.

Easy-to-make, gorgeous timelines.

TimelineJS is definitely an open-source tool that permits one to build aesthetically rich, interactive timelines. Newbies can make a schedule nothing that is using than a Google spreadsheet, just like the one we useful for the Timeline above. Specialists may use their JSON skills to create customized installments, while maintaining TimelineJS’s core functionality.

Tips & tricks

  1. Ensure that it stays quick. We recommend lacking significantly more than 20 slides for a reader to click right through.
  2. Choose tales which have a stronger chronological narrative. It will not work nicely for tales that require to leap around into the schedule.
  3. Write each event being section of a bigger narrative.
  4. Add occasions that develop as much as major occurrences — not only the events that are major.

Media sources

TimelineJS can pull in news from a number of sources. Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion, Bing Maps, Wikipedia, SoundCloud, Document Cloud and much more!

Mandela: A Life of Function

Chronology for the French Presidential Race

Historic Fall at University of Missouri

North Korea’s Nuclear Aspirations

Bulger on test

The Decline of IRS Nonprofit Legislation

Aurora, Colorado Film Theater Shooting

The Collapse of Microsoft and Nokia’s Cellphone Company

How ISIS Spread to 10 Nations

Reported Sexual Assault Situations by Texas Educators

A brief history of Wine Throughout The World

The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Revolutionary Consumer Interfaces

A history that is brief of Banana Company

The Republican Run-Up

Whitney Houston: 1963-2012

Make a schedule

TimelineJS deals with any website or web log. Create your very very own in four steps that are easy.
Having problems? View our video clip, or begin to see the help part below.

Make your spreadsheet

Create a brand new bing spreadsheet utilizing our template. You will need to duplicate the template cost for wix website to your very own Bing Drive account by pressing the „Make a duplicate” button.

Drop dates, text and links to news to the columns that are appropriate. To get more about dealing with our template, see our help docs.

Do not replace the line headers, never eliminate any columns, plus don’t keep any rows that are blank your spreadsheet.

Publish towards the internet

Underneath the File menu, select “Publish towards the Web.”

The blue „publish” button in the next window, click. When expected, „will you be sure…?” click OK.

Now, copy the Address that seems in the center of the screen. You are going to utilize this within the step that is next.

Listed here changed at the time of 18 2017 july!

Near the 'Publish into the web’ screen. Copy the Address for the schedule through the web browser’s target club. It will look something such as this:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xuY4upIooEeszZ_lCmeNx24eSFWe0rHe9ZdqH2xqVNk/edit#g >

Overlook the Address that appears within the „publish to your web” screen. It had previously been utilized below, but changes to Bing imply that you will get a mistake it now if you use.

Create your schedule

Copy/paste spreadsheet Address in to the package below to come up with your schedule. (ensure you’ve posted the spreadsheet.)

Share your schedule
Share Link

Utilize this to connect straight to your schedule.

If you should be embedding on Medium.com or any other oembed-aware solutions, simply paste this website website link on a line you want your timeline to appear by itself where.

Copy this embed rule and paste it on your own site where you need your schedule to seem (similar to a YouTube video).

Preview Embed

Require assistance? First, be sure to be certain to consider our set of faqs below. If you should be completely new to Timeline JS, you might would also like to look at our basic movie.

If you do not there find an answer, decide to try our help discussion boards or make use of our technology help internet kind. Please be clear together with your concern, include a hyperlink to your spreadsheet, if appropriate, a hyperlink to a full page which will show the problem with which you’ll need assistance. We are able to only answer help concerns in English. We play the role of prompt, but please realize that we would not have a devoted technology help staff.

Look for a bug? if you should be confident you have got discovered a bug, please report it as being a GitHub problem. Make sure to include instructions that are detailed how exactly to replicate the bug. If you are uncertain, please focus on the technology support system.

Technical paperwork

Go further with Timeline:


How do you modify my schedule?

just What internet browsers does TimelineJS use?

What exactly are my alternatives for changing just just how my schedule appears?

You can findn’t sufficient choices. I would like more control of the font size/color/etc. Am I able to change things making use of CSS?

How to categorize or cluster my occasions?

The very first sl > When making use of the Bing Spreadsheet to configure your schedule, in the event that you place the word name within the kind column, that slip may be placed at the front end, regardless of values into the date columns. See the Google Spreadsheet documents to learn more.

Can I make news pictures clickable?

How do I format text (add line breaks, bold, italics)?

tags to produce line breaks.

  • Wrap text in tags for bold text as well as italics
  • Just how do I enter BCE times?

    How do you produce extremely ancient times?

    Who is able to access the information in my own Google spreadsheet?

    Privacy is essential if you ask me. Exactly Just Exactly How must I use TimelineJS?

    Will my spreadsheet get acquired by search engines?

    Am I able to make use of TimelineJS with WordPress?

    Is TimelineJS free for commercial usage?

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